We believe that both parties should ask questions and clarify expectations in the beginning of the partnership. This form is our effort to do that as proficiently as possible. You probably already completed our Client Onboarding Questionnaire, so this is where we work together to determine the estimated investment to hire Superbase (customized to your needs) so we can begin work right away. We ask a series of basic questions designed to help us better understand your specific goals and define the value that we'll add to your organization because we believe that you should simply pay for the value that you are given from our capabilities. Nothing more, nothing less. Similar to hiring a new employee with valuable experience for the purpose of growing your business, engaging Superbase is an investment that is best reckoned by considering your budget, your needs, and how our expertise will best help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach

There are two methods for preparing an estimate for creative work:

  1. If you already happen to know a) How much you want to spend and b) exactly what you want to get, we can fairly quickly arrive at an estimate. Hopefully "what you want" and "what you expect to pay for it" agree with each other, but occasionally they don't match up exactly. In this case, we at least have a starting point: Expected cost or expected deliverables. We can work together to solve for x.
  2. Alternatively, if you're not quite sure yet, we can explore ways to establish a reasonable budget for the project or discuss a mutually beneficial hybrid rate. We can help you understand what is possible (pretty much anything) and what type of fee or retainer is appropriate. If you decide to work with us, great! If you find a cheaper partner elsewhere we respect that, too.

With both of these approaches, we feel that it is you that determines the value that we will add to your organization, not us. Once we know the value we can add to your project, we can calculate an estimate to hire us or a fair investment for executing the project. If another agency just quickly provides you with a flat rate without asking any questions, we would advise you to proceed with caution because almost invariably those types of relationships are riddled with unplanned expenses and unmet expectations.

It's About You, It's Not About Us

Is this a new brand or an existing brand?

Paid media: Understanding the environment in which you will be advertising or marketing your business will give us an idea of the impact we can help you achieve. We call this the "brand blast radius" and it helps us identify the most effective ways we can help perpetuate your particular brand. Please describe some of the venues that you will be advertising or marketing in using paid media:

What is your estimated annual spend on paid media placement?
While we're not able to accommodate for all billing models, what is the most ideal scenario for you and your business?*

Do you consider creative & branding an investment or an expense?*

Superbase Creative: An Integrated Partner

NOTE: All estimates we may provide are based on current information given by the client about the project requirements and are subject to change. Estimations do not denote a guaranteed cost of services. Actual cost may change once project elements are finalized, negotiated, or if the scope of work is altered.

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