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    Your brand matters. Superbase takes the time to learn about your needs, your customer, and your industry before providing customized solutions. The following form contains a few basic questions that will help us better understand your business and what your customers truly value. We believe that unignorable brands are created by being mindful of the competitive landscape and paying special attention to the details. Required fields are marked with *. If you have any problems with this form, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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    The Competitive Landscape

    Please list 3 local competitors (direct or indirect) to your business. Focus on businesses who offer a parallel product or service within your geographic area:*

    Similarly, list 3-6 national or international competitors that are considered leaders in this particular industry. These could be successful businesses or merely influential brands or individuals that you might aspire towards:*

    Brand Opportunities

    Customer Persona

    Please Take a moment to identify and describe the characteristics of the customers you aim to reach.*

    Brand Identity Recall

    What are 3-6 of your personal favorite brand logos that come to mind? This could be from ANY product or service from ANY category: Fashion, television networks, shoes, beverages, luxury brands, service companies, electronic brands, automobile brands, etc.*

    Complementary Brands

    List 3-6 "peer brands" that provide something complementary to your brand experience. For example, Lululemon could be considered a peer brand to Nike Footwear. Coca-Cola could be considered a peer brand to McDonalds. Target could be a peer brand to Starbucks. Gillette razors and Old Spice. Peer brands attract similar customers, commonly reside well next to each other, and don't necessarily have to compete.*

    Identity & Innovation

    At Superbase, our goal is to create unignorable brands. We customize this mission to each and every client we work with. How important are the features of good design, unique identity, and brand innovation to your organization?*

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