Project Manager, Client Relations & Admin Assistant (Part-time)

Did we really just try to cram three job titles into one? Glad you noticed. If your head was meant to wear many hats, keep reading…

This is presently a part-time position that can make an all-time difference in the way our small agency works. So if you’re obsessed with planning, love keeping tasks on schedule, and know how to keep clients smiling with concierge-level service, send us your resumé.

We believe that good Project Management makes for happy clients and a happy agency.

So how do you know if you’re the right fit?  You are the type of person that is persistent (even relentless), adaptable, and… human. You have been known to turn down higher-paying jobs to work with brands that you believe in. The right fit for this position isn’t afraid of the idea of modest pay yet plenty of appreciation as they work hard to help us and our clients achieve a meaningful vision.

This is an opportunity to be a “department of one” and a leader within a growing agency – which means it won’t always be easy. While our little crew might be scrappy, we have fun, we are patient, and we are prepared to scale. The processes that will get us there are important to us. In essence, you will be an advocate for the client as you understand and manage the things we do to keep the traffic running smoothly here at Superbase.


Required Skills/Attributes

Independent contractors open to apply. This is a part-time position and is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is eager to have a meaningful impact by managing our processes, sharpening our systems, and loving our clients like we do. Hourly pay commensurate on experience.

To be considered, send resume and cover letter to