My Thoughts On The Matter 003 – The Future Of The Résumé

It’s time for the third transmission of My Thoughts On The Matter, the semi-regular webisode filmed with the intent of giving you a space to share your thoughts on topics ranging from acorns to zebras. You can join the conversation by posting your responses within your own social media channels or on ours!

In this episode, we’re going to discuss the future of the job résumé – what is the fate of the entire search & application process? With the increasingly self-promoting and narcissistic behavior of future generations leading to publicly shared resumes and profiles, is the idea of a printed resume archaic? What does your resume say that can’t easily be proven or disproven by the hiring manager with a simple Google search? Can your Instagram profile be keeping you from getting that dream job you’ve been applying for? When will someone else step up to compete with Linkedin for the title of official online résumé networking platform?

What do YOU think?