Vogue x Rodney Mullen in 360 Degrees

In nearly every way possible, Rodney Mullin is an absolute legend. From the beginning of his pro skateboarding career in the ’80s to his relentless introduction of seemingly impossible tricks over the years, he is usually the first person to be mentioned in conversations about freestyle skateboarding’s transition into modern street skating – something that changed the course of an entire industry. He was present during the evolution of the family-friendly version of skateboarding courtesy of the Bones Brigade to the World Industries era of skateboarding becoming the misfit catalyst for teenage mayhem. We love all of it.



But beyond his permanent influence on skateboarding culture, these conversations usually blend into deeper tête-à-têtes about his reclusive personality, his intensely brilliant mind, his TED talks, the idea that he listens to complex classical music arrangements before skating, and even rumors of him being hired as a consultant by a little organization called the Central Intelligence Agency for his keen ability to crack seemingly impossible codes using his intuitive sense of logic and calculus. This is all fascinating, but we’re fans of Rodney for things like his Rodney vs Daewon feats and the fact that he is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person.



In a very interesting collaboration (and his first skateboarding footage released in over a decade), Mullin stepped inside fashion photographer Steven Sebring’s revolutionary 360 studio for this exclusive video produced by Vogue Magazine. This piece, titled Liminal, was filmed by Steven Sebring. Music provided by Dhani Harrison. Enjoi.