Why We Didn’t Make It To Outdoor Retailer This Year

Twenty two years is a long time.

That’s how long Outdoor Retailer held their summer and winter trade shows in Salt Lake City before this year’s move to Denver. The winter show just wrapped up last week and some folks have asked us why we chose not to head to Denver. It sounds like we have some explaining to do…


SUPERBASE decided to stay at home this week in Boise, Idaho to devote more time to improving the way we describe who we are and what we do so our clients know why we continue to provide high value as a creative consultancy. We’ve been busy fine-tuning our value proposition while developing our own flavor of inbound marketing. And the snow was better here, too.


We work with decision makers, people who have a penchant for action. Paradoxically, trade shows aren’t necessarily the best place to conduct business. We understand the process of getting things done right with key leadership and support staff.

Location, Location, Location

This year’s change of venue also brought higher exhibitor fees. As a result, many independent brands, the kind that we love working with, weren’t able to attend, either.

Staying Connected

Our clients range from small startups to large corporations. We have found that our fully connected consultancy excels at remote communication. We have international clients who cannot always attend trade shows and events. So, we keep them informed on the best resources that work with their current needs.

This year, it was us, not you, Colorado.

Written by Max Stein

We love working with design-conscious brands.

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