Form and function converge for this premium business interiors brand.

Client: Freeform
Services: Branding, messaging, logo design, creative direction, graphic design

Graphic Design: Tyler Crabb, Luis Moscrip, Kelly Dee Williams
Creative Director: Kelly Dee Williams

Business Interiors of Idaho (BII), a leading distributor and installer of business spaces, was experiencing healthy growth and had set their sights on expanding into new markets. It was clear that in order to do so, they needed to consider the limitations of their business name and brand identity.

Following the acquisition of Freeform Commercial Interiors in Washington and as part of their expansion strategy, BII approached Superbase for guidance in the process of consolidating the two brand entities.

M&A Rebrand Solutions

This brand merger needed to be accomplished in a way that would position BII and Freeform to attract new business in new markets while not confusing or alienating their current clients. After much deliberation, it was concluded that rather than creating an entirely new entity after the merger, the optimal strategy would be to preserve the brand equity that already existed in Freeform Commercial Interiors.

The name was shortened to simply Freeform, and Superbase updated the brand to better reflect the legacy of BII.

Freeform Brand Design by Superbase Studio
Brand New Brand for BII Freeform Before and After

“Superbase has been a great partner. Our brand definitely needed a facelift, and we’re so pleased with the end result.”

ā€“ Keara Hunt-Donick,

Brand Identity

In addition to the design of a new wordmark, Superbase created an iconic symbol that signifies the freeform approach to collaborative, scalable workspaces. This complete branding system was accompanied by a useful Style Guide that Freeform can reference to ensure brand continuity.

Freeform Brand Design

Brand Expression

Superbase designed a series of custom patterns and textures for Freeform to use in their marketing material, showroom dƩcor and website. The geometric patterns pay subtle homage to the original BII logo while providing an elevated, modern look.

Brand Messaging

Freeform is the only commercial spaces partner with a modernized, people-first process for designing and delivering environments which inspire growth and productivity. To effectively communicate this, Superbase employed our proprietary Brand North Star workshop to help Freeform develop their Unique Value Proposition, Purpose Statement, and an impactful Creative Tagline.

“Superbase walked us through the whole process. They’re very responsive, easy to get a hold of, and they excel at sticking to the timeline. Their brand discovery phase is very valuable, so lean into it and trust the process.”

ā€“ Keara Hunt-Donick,