The future of rallycross.

Client: Nitro RX
Services: Logo design, brand system, art direction, graphic design

Creative Direction & Design: Nathan Warner, Kelly Dee Williams
Motion Graphics: Thrill One

Since its inception, Nitro Rallycross (NRX) has made an unmistakable impact on the world of motorsports, and in 2021 the event grew into a full series with Travis Pastrana emerging as champion. The following year, the race series went international with premiere events in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and the United States.

But Nitro RX really shook things up when they announced the introduction of the Group E class, a groundbreaking all-electric category featuring the purpose-built FC1-X – the fastest, most powerful rallycross car ever built.

It was obvious that their old NRX brand identity could no longer keep up with the fast progression of electric rally cars, so Nitro Circus approached long-time creative partner Superbase with the task of redesigning the event to better communicate the future of the sport.

To accomplish this, we created custom letterforms suggestive of an overhead view of a racetrack- evoking futuristic speed that could flow through exciting animations like a current of electricity. We then paired the new logo with a vibrant color palette that highlights the glowing possibilities of electric rally cars as the future of racing. The talented video editors at Thrill One were able to successfully animate this vision.

Nitro RX Helmet Superbase Design
Nitro RX Poster Superbase Design Brand Identity
Nitro RX Logo
Red Bull Rally Car Jumping Utah Nitro RX

Motion graphics, photography and video courtesy of Thrill One Entertainment, Nitro Circus, and Red Bull North America