Superbase helps the global leader in composite metal solutions cut through the noise.

Client: NobelClad
Services: Creative direction, graphic design, experience design
Contributors: Kelly Dee Williams (Creative Direction), Tyler Crabb & Nathan Warner (Graphic Design), Liquid (Logo Design), Timo Lutz (Photography)

About NobelClad: NobelClad is a global supplier and manufacturer of composite metal solutions for the world’s infrastructure, industrial processing and transportation industries. Through a deep history of innovation and expertise in metals, NobelClad solves complex material design challenges reliably and safely.

Have you heard of explosion welding? Neither had we, until we met our friends at NobelClad. Originally headquartered in Rivesaltes, France, they began in the 1960s as one of the world’s first commercial explosion welding operations. The name NobelClad pays homage to the forefather of commercial explosives, Alfred Nobel, who developed dynamite in his lab about a century earlier and founded one of NobelClad’s predecessor companies.

One of the most common challenges with metal fabrication is the inability to join dissimilar metals through traditional welding. This is due to an extreme variance in melting temperatures or conflicting conductive properties of the different metals. NobelClad solves this problem brilliantly, opening up almost limitless possibilities in complex material design by introducing the technology that allows fabricators to combine steel with alloys such as stainless steel, brass, nickel, or titanium.

“As a global business, NobelClad knows firsthand the importance of having
a unified brand message and distilling the complexity of their value proposition.”

Articulating a highly technical value proposition through design.

DetaClad™ is NobelClad’s proprietary explosion welding process which joins material in a solid state while preserving the mechanical, electrical and corrosion-resistance properties of each metal. Thanks to this innovation, designers and engineers can leverage complementary material strengths to solve big problems instead of worrying about material compatibility.

By detonating high-energy explosives, this incredible process embeds one metal into another with immense force, creating a strong metallurgical bond that is inseparable.

For large industrial infrastructure projects, this solution makes all the difference for reliability and safety.

But effectively communicating such a technical manufacturing process and the benefits to the customer proved to be as big of a challenge as welding incompatible metal with explosives. This is where Superbase comes in.

Educating fabricators, engineers and material designers on the benefits of this unique process.

As an industrial infrastructure solutions company with offices around the globe including Dubai, Germany, France and the United States, NobelClad knows firsthand the importance of having a unified brand message and distilling the complexity of their value proposition through simplified visuals and clearer messaging.

Superbase begins each client partnership by taking the time to truly understand and appreciate the value that our clients provide to their customers. The better we can understand this, the better we can function like an extension of their in-house team. From motion graphics to tradeshow booths to catalog design, we have helped NobelClad to connect with more customers by improving the way they communicate with them.

Connecting experiences, physical and digital.

In addition to designing an in-depth user interface for their customer portal and creating a more engaging website experience, a custom iconography system was created to illustrate the various industries served, organizational core values, and overall benefits of working with NobelClad.

For an industry that largely still operates on tri-folds and spreadsheets, NobelClad stands out as an innovator. And the results have been explosive.