STI Fusion Logo Design

While working with Sole Technology (owners of Etnies, eS, Emerica, and Altamont), Kelly was asked by Pierre-André Senizergues to create the logo for a new footwear technology they were developing called FUSION. Sole Technology puts a lot of pride in the amount of resources they dedicate to research and development in the STI Lab to produce some of the best footwear available.

stiFUSION is a proprietary technology that literally changed the action sports footwear industry. It makes shoes stronger and lighter, while also being a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

For this identity we made use of the existing STI logo, locking it up with a custom FUSION wordmark which included a hint towards molecular fusion. The logo was designed to be functional at smaller scales, making it possible to include in the rubber molding of the footwear.

Additional Art Direction: Courtesy of SoleTech
Logo Design: Kelly D. Williams

For more information, visit the website.


Video filmed & produced by SoleTech, appears courtesy of STI Lab