Teton Gravity Research

Packaging Design: Honoring 10 years of TGR in Jackson Hole.

“Teton Gravity Research presents a 16mm film, THE BIG ONE. This epic film is a compilation of 10 years of TGR’s most historical ski and snowboard moments at their world famous home laboratory in Jackson Hole, WY. From Paul McCollister’s vision of North America’s largest tram, TGR’s inception in 1996, and the 10 years of off the hook action that followed, this is THE BIG ONE. Check out some of TGR’s earliest stars as they reflect on the most memorable segments. “Sick” Rick Armstrong talks about the all-time huckfest during the filming of the Continuum. Micah Black sheds light on the 30-year record snowfall at Jackson Hole, possibly the deepest footage ever. TGR co-founder Todd Jones talks about ducking ropes and poaching lines while filming the Realm.” For more information, visit TetonGravity.com. Design by Kelly D. Williams, 2006.