Superbase Mixtape 003: Manifest

It’s been a while since we dropped a new mixtape, so Kelly decided to have fun and get a bit aggressive with this latest playlist. “Fast-paced and brutally loud punk rock has always been one of my guilty pleasures. Here are 24 classic punk rock tracks that are the perfect tunes to increase the tempo of an all-nighter at work or when the mini-ramp session starts heating up.”

Now turn it up and enjoy Superbase Mixtape 003: Manifest

Track Listing

  1. Steppin’ Stone by Minor Threat
  2. Get A Grip (On Yourself) by The Stranglers
  3. One by One – Single Version by Slaughter & The Dogs
  4. No Rules by Pure Hell
  5. Pretty Vacant by Sex Pistols
  6. Out of Vogue by The Middle Class
  7. Sailin’ On by Bad Brains
  8. Straight Edge by Minor Threat
  9. Blown Out Again (Re-Hash Mix) by Peter and the Test Tube Babies
  10. You Tear Me Up (1996 Remaster) by Buzzcocks
  11. We Are 183 by Misfits
  12. Kids of the Black Hole by Adolescents
  13. No Way Out by T.S.O.L.
  14. Grinding Halt (2005 Remaster) by The Cure
  15. Commuter Man by D.R.I.
  16. Beastie Boys by Beastie Boys
  17. Club Med Sucks by Camper Van Beethoven
  18. Rock-N-Roll Victim by Death
  19. Amoeba by Adolescents
  20. Wild in the Streets by Circle Jerks
  21. Hell in New York by Slaughter & The Dogs
  22. Signs of the Time by Cro-Mags
  23. Get A Grip (On Yourself) by Prong
  24. Set Yourself Apart (Demo Version) by Excel