Ignite your imagination.

Founded in 1891 and employing approximately 105,000 people across more than 60 countries, Philips is one of the largest and most experienced electronics companies in the world. In 2013 Philips revealed a new brand line “Innovation and You” along with a re-design of its iconic shield logo. This new brand positioning authored by Philips Global is cited by Philips to signify the brand’s evolution, emphasizing that innovation is only meaningful if it is based on an understanding of people’s needs and desires. Philips stated, “When we bring the two together – people and innovation – we create the next generation of technology and things that people truly want and need.”

It was upon this enduring concept that we created a new campaign to debut the release of their new television collection in the US. In partnership with licensee P&F USA and digital agency 85SIXTY, we worked closely with the client to determine the values that mattered most to them while thoughtfully developing a new campaign that was in harmony with the company’s powerful messaging.

After finalizing the Ignite Your Imagination headline message, we worked with photographer Roman Cho to capture a series of powerful and realistic images that evoked the mood of how children unabashedly yet innocently pursue inspiring levels of imagination, largely based on the excitement of experiencing a powerful story found in their favorite movie. We have all witnessed the delightful expression on a child’s face as they watch their favorite cartoon superhero or theatrical fairy tale. These moments provide an opportunity for families to sit together and enjoy the blooming of childhood imagination.

Roman Cho Photography for Philips Television
Roman Cho Photography for Philips Television